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Good night all , I don't know if this query was ever asked before , but have any of you

ever used a mantis tiller, I am thinking of buying one , or its competitor the Ryobi multi tool, would you recommend either tool or should I stick to my garden fork  .



  • Hi clogerhead,

    I bought a Mantis a couple of years ago and have never regretted it. It is not to be confused with a full blown rotavator which will plough through even the toughest of virgin ground, but it is excellent at quickly getting a half worked area into a fine tilth ready for planting.

    The first few times I used it, it brought all the stones up to the surface and some of these did get stuck between the tines(?) and needed unblocking, but after a few passes it was a piece of cake.

    I also bought the lawn scarifying attachment which may well be worth considering if you have lawn area.

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