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Repairing or replacing a fence

Our house is end of the road, so the fence adjoining the road is ours.

The other side of the garden adjoins the neighbour and I suspect also belongs to us (because the posts are on my side) but I don't know.  The deeds don't show it.

I would like to replace the fence at some point.  I suspect my neighbour does too.  It's tatty and very loose in places.

Should I pay for the whole thing, or is it OK to see if she'll go 50/50 given that the ownership isn't clear?  I don't want to fall out over it.


  • If the deeds aren't clear, I think the rules are 50/50. Tried calling local planning to check? Certainly worth a call followed by a friendly chat with your neighbour.

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    You can always ask them. But be prepared to pay the lot. Anything else is a bonus.
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  • I think no matter what deeds say the place to start is by talking to your neighbour. 

    It's not about deeds and it's most definitely not about the council and planning.  Indeed I'd be so bold as to suggest that you'd be wasting your time totally going to them and are even likely to end up with more of a problem.

    Rather this is about speaking to someone who is also affected and first of all ensuring you are in agreement about what needs to be done.  

    Only then should you move on to discuss and agree the "how, what and when it will be done and who is going to pay for it".     Frankly that isn't dependent on deeds or what the council says either.  It depends on whether or not they want the job doing, agree that what you would like is what they would also like and if they have the time and inclination and ability to pay in whole or part.

    Just talk


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