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Bamboo- inherited


 Here is a photo of a shoot that the bamboo has shot out over the last little while. We moved into this garden a year ago and it has seemed contained for the last year but now these worrysome looking shoots are emerging! Any idea what to do next. Below is a picture of it in its entirety. It is a black stemed variety I think! I would like to thin it out a bit and am worried that it may take a hold in other places. I don't think so as this is a long established garden we have moved into and I feel sure that it is contained under ground!!!!! Any help here would be very much appreciated. Thanks folks. 






  • Sorry about the sideways on photos but it seemed to up load like that!! If you have an ipad it keeps righting itself to be sideways on! Argg aplogies. 

  • Are bamboos, taboo! 


  • MimMim Posts: 18

    There's a lot of info. already here if you page down a bit. Some bamboos are a huge problem but hopefully not yours.

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