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Passion Flower location

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I am fairly new to gardening and I have just created two gravel beds in my otherwise patio covered garden. I live in a North London suburb with a sheltered terraced, north facing garden that gets quite a bit of sun. The garden is a bit of a suntrap and can get very hot in the summer months.

This weekend I planted a passion flower in the gravel bed on an east facing fence, along with Clematis (Mrs Cholmondeley) on the west facing fence. My dad has advised me to swap them both around as the passion flower will need more sun.

I am a bit reluctant to do this just in case I shock them!

Any advice on what I should do?

Thank you



  • The passion flower will do best in full sun or sun and dappled shade.   It needs to be sheltered.  The roots of a passion flower are relatively sensitive and if you try to dig one up and damage it's roots then it may suffer from shock and die.   But yours has just been in a week so if you're going to move it, now's the time.

    However from what you've said about your loction etc it sounds to me like yours is going to be o.k. with what you have already done.   

    Incidentally the clemetis you've planted is also a full or partial sun plant so I don't know why you'd swap them.    Unless of course your dad thinks it will be hotter and more sun west facing.   But even so I'm thinking from what you've said they should both be o.k.   Or does your dad know something we don't?  is the east facing side very shaded?  Have you something that's obstructing the sunlight there from getting to the passion flower?     That's the only thing that would make me consider it might be worth a swap.




  • Liz39Liz39 Posts: 3

    Hi NorthernLass,

    Thank you for your reply.

    There is a large tree in a neighbouring garden that does result in some dappled sunlight first thing in the morning. I would say that at the moment the passion flower is getting full sun between the hours of around 9am and 1.30 - 2pm.

    We have been experiencing temperatures of between 25-35 C recently too so there is no shortage of sun and heat!

    The garden is pretty sheltered I think I will leave it where it is and see what happens.

    Thank you

  • It's bright and sunny here too....  it was 8c first thing and it's got up to a massive 15cimage

    Sounds to me like yours will be absolutely fine.  Indeed I'm thinking mine will want to move down there.   I've just posted a photo of my house in winter and with my passion flower encased in a block of ice! 

  • Liz39Liz39 Posts: 3

    Just spotted you are from Northumberland, which is where I am from (small town near the coast) and where my parents still live!

  • So no wonder your dad doesn't want your passion flower facing east!  

    Heck he's used to wind whipping up and across the north sea...  image

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