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BookwormyBookwormy Posts: 16

Hi folks, I'm waiting for a delivery of Tree Lily "Picasso" bulbs from T&M - just wondered if anyone has tried these? If so, any top tips?


  • They weren't as big as I thought they'd be, hoping they grow bigger.  When I'm planting any bulbs, I always put sharp sand immediately around the bulb, it helps drainage and deters slugs.  They do like their roots to be in the shade and their heads in the sunshine .

    Didn't have many flowers last year, probably because I bunged them in and forgot about them, didn't feed them very well (as I use Richard Jackson's flower power from QVC), it's added to water.  I didn't need to water my garden at all last year (I don't think anyone did from May onwards!).

    Left them alone, hoping for bigger & better things this year.  Just hope they've not made lunch for the slugs leaving them be.

  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    I've grown several of the T&M tree lilies, though not that paricular viariety, which is possibly new this year. All of those that I have grown flowered well in the first year. I was very pleased with all of them.

    I grow mine in pots, because I have poorly drained clay soil. Pots also help to protect the developing shoots from slugs. Slugs are very partial to lily shoots. The downside of tree lilies in pots is that the lilies can (and do) blow over in strong winds

    I originally put 3 bulbs of each variety into 14" pots. The bulbs need to be planted deep. Those pots were good for a couple of years, but tree lilies do get considerably larger in the following years. So I eventually had to repot into 16" pots.

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