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Just recently I have been poring over summer clatalogues, as I guess many of us have - and am faintly horrified, and very puzzled as to why anyone would want to buy summer flowering narcissi?  We all love narcissi in the Spring, such a lovely flower to end winter and get on with Spring, yellow, white, cream - perfumed.  Why then summer flowering?  Am I the only one who finds this wierd beyong anything?  There are other things grown out of season I know, but the daffodil advertisment just caught my eye and my mind today.


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    I agree.  Sounds all wrong, like pink daffs and the hunt for red delphiniums and true blue roses.  Why?   They're all beautiful enough in their natural colours and seasons.

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  • I agree too.

    Although it's good to get plants that have a long flowering season or lots of colours it just seems wrong to go too far.  The daffodil is a classic example - WONDERFUL when they arrive; herald of spring; hope for the future etc but by the end of their season I'm starting to say "oh, more daffs, ho hum"

    What next; yellow snowdrops in August, blue roses in February or purple crocosmia in May??

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    I quite fancy purple crocosmia in may!

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    I have some very early flowering narcissi but they don't fit in. It's not their time.

  • Glad someone feels the same as me about Chelsea, Verdun - marvellous artistry and gardening skill but somehow artificial and only affordable by the wealthy. Beautiful to look at, of course, and that is worthwhile in itself - as long as one realises that it can't be copied. Fantasy land. I suppose it gives us something to aim for, and a glimpse of really good garden design.

    Purple crocomia in May! Sounds rather lovely.




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