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My new lawn

I have an area of 28m2 by 8m2 which i have cleared of grass, weeds and moss. The soil is quite heavy in clay and to prep it i was going to hollow tine quite heavily and then lay down new screened topsoil with compost and leave it for  a few weeks to see if any final weeds emerge and deal with them before laying my new seed in April. Any advice welcome.




  • clogherheadclogherhead Posts: 506

    Hi ,well done on all your work. keep on doing what you are it sounds like you are on top of things



  • I would have thought hollow tining a good idea  and add some horticultural sand into the mix if it's heavy clay as the clay will cause water to stand on the top 

  • Thanks for the adviceso far. My thought on hollow tining now was to allow the new soil/compost mixture to fill the holes left behing and enhance the ability to drain?

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    To save repeating-a lot of help was given to Martin here


  • Thanks for that sotongeoff but i need some more advice if you can. Given size of the area i am dealing with and the hard work ive done so far and that it is a heavy clay soil i have decided i will till the existing soil and then add grit, sand, compost and screened topsoil...i want to get this as right as i can and leave the rest to mother nature! Does anyone have any idea how much of each of the above elements i should add and in what order? I intend to rototill the existing soil several times then add the sand and rototill again and then add the other three elements and again rototill. I would then level and rake before i seed. Another question...i live on the east coast of Scotland so should i wait until May to sow?

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