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Best doorway plants?

Sam 92Sam 92 Posts: 68
Hi everyone looking for ideas, want big statement planted doorway, I don't like the standard bays was thinking endless summer hydrangeas one pink one blue either side of the steps with stacking pots up to 100cm high full of bedding plants and dianthus and Lillies at either side of door, but I'm stuck between standard roses(tri colour? Red?...) instead of hydrangeas, how do endless summer hydrangeas last? As my normal mopheads seem to wilt easily when it's warm day, I'm open to ideas image I'm replanting whole garden so making plans, thanks sam


  • You could have a cheese plant image
  • Sam 92Sam 92 Posts: 68
    Thanks everyone so many ideas and plants! Phew least I've got til next year to finally decide! Happy gardening. Thanks Sam
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