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Talkback: Strawberries

This is our first year of allotmenteering, strawberries were mostly enjoyed by the field mice. Do we just leave the plants alone and let the shoots find there own planting or do we cut them off and plant properly. We did'nt expect much our first year and we are looking forward, having produced a mouse defence system to, to a good crop next year.


  • I made gooseberry jam and put some spare strawberries in. It tasted almost entirely of strawberries and set wonderfully.
  • i would love to grow strawberries on my allotment and plan to do this next year, but i don't know the best way to grow them to avoid the most pests. i have tried growing some in a old barrel with holes in the sides but found that they dried out very quickly and i had a bad infestation of wood louse that chomped there way through the lot. so what is the best way to grow them? which varietys are the best taste but still have a great yield as i'm a bit of a pig when it comes to strawberries. Many Thanks.
  • Have been eating strawberries now non stop for 6wks.Took runners off my old plants last year and created a new bed on the allotment to give fresh ground and left old one fallow this year.
    I think it worked well as the old one was probably worn out.Can anyone suggest a very late strawberry as i would like to extend the season more.
  • My tanacetum plants produced a fabulous display for June but now the flowers have faded and the display looks dull. Should I leave alone or cut back?
  • I have had the worst strawberry year ever, probably due to lack of rain during May & June.
    East Kent has been very dry and we are on chalk which leaches everything.
    This is the second year for these plants and last year we had a very heavy crop. I will renew the bed with runners by the end of September and will hope for better things next year.
  • My strawberry crop has been pretty poor this year, I produced more at home in the grow bag than at the allotment, although those I did get were absolutely amazing... big and juicy as Amelia will agree :)

    Do try with balsamic vinegar and a drizzle of chocolate - otherwise you really are missing out, I don't know why I didn't think of it years ago!

  • My daughter tells me that strawberry and black pepper icecream is fabulous. Haven't tried it yet. I like Elsanta strawberries - does that make me a Philistine?
  • northwood kirkby allotments nr liverpool i have just dug over an area about 20ft by 20ft i have got about 100 strawberrys i have never growen that meney before do i need to do enything to the soil to grow them if eny one can help me let me no thanks.
  • Grew some tomatoes(Name-'Big Boy') in my greenhouse. Put my greenhouse on original sleepers. One of my plants not looking too good after bearing one green tomato. Took out plant and broke it in two, the core of the tomato was black from top to bottom, even the very thin branch that held the one green tomato was black also. Could you please tell me what was wrong with my tomato plant?.
    PS. I burnt the tomato plant. Thank you in anticipation of your quick reply.
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