Soft yellow or hot pink climbing roses

Hi all - anyone recommend particular varieties of the above? To go in a very sunny but not windy spot against 8ft picket fence (wired) with yellow/white honeysuckle and clematis jackmanii. Soil isn't that fab but will be improved as much as poss, limy, very free draining to 1ft depth, then clay and solid limestone blocks. Ideally, scented and thornless (wouldn't they all be?) but flower power is the most important thing. Definitely want plants with good repeat. Any favourites out there? Have got a few ideas, but was hoping for the benefit of actual growing experience... Must be strong bright pink or soft primrosy yellow - orangey or peachy yellows would be disastrous.  Ta in (optimistic) advance. Bx


  • I would never again buy a yellow climbing rose! Have had one for 2 years now. Very similar conditions to what you are describing ie sunny spot and we have clay soil. We have yet to get one flower!! Have given it lots of ros?? feeding/potash but still nothing! We have both pink and peach roses that are great at flowering!
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    I have Malvern Hills - a short, repeat flowering soft yellow rambler - and Teasing Georgia - a more golden but mellow yellow rose which can be grown as a short climber.  Both flower well for me.

    I think Gertrude Jekyll is an excellent pink rose with good perfume and strong flowers but it is quite thorny.   David Austin do some very good pink roses so have a look at their site.

    The Vendée, France
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