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Save my plant - Frost Damage

Please help, I planted a fatsia japonica last year. This is planted at the side of my home and I have noticed that the top leaves and crown are limp and squishy. Can I take the top out of this to promote side growth, take cuttings or save this somehow, or is it doomed!! Please help, this is approx 2ft square at the moment


  • It's just that the leaves are drooping and as its only young I'm worried about it going too far. When its warmer what would you suggest to do. How much do I remove. Sorry it's about 1 ft tall by 2ft wide. I'm worried I will end up with a low wide plant and I actually wanted it taller than it is now.

    image It was a very proud purchase and wasn't cheap. I really want a variegated version too! Thanks
  • Thankyou!! Just looks so sorry for itself. Would post a picture but not sure how!!
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