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Lillie bulbs

Hi all I have some Lillie bulbs I forgot to plant can I plant them now or what should I do?



  • jingojingo Posts: 8

    Hi, If they look like they are still alive, & not rotten & smelly, they may have a chance for the future but not this year. You could plant them, water them, feed them, and give them back some nutrition. They may give feeble growth, but think about next year Not this one. I have rescued bulbs from forgotten corners of shops, & had a lot of success.  Good luck. 

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 83,739

    I agree with Jingo image  They won't keep to another season so give them a chance, feed them up and see what happens.  As she says, they may not produce a lot this year, but let them die down and grow again for next year and you'll get flowers then.

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