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Special Relationships With Plants



This is our first time to the forum, we are a couple of complete novice gardeners and we're also designers.  We are interested in developing a project that looks at peoples relationship with their plants and we'd love to know whether you've ever developed a special or unusual relationship with any of yours before?  We're hoping to collect a range of stories to help develop the project and to accompany an exhibition.  


So do you have any stories about your plants?  Do you use special techniques to encourage your plants to grow?  For example we've heard that Prince Charles talks to his, does anyone else?!




Amy & Jen 


  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

    i love my gertrude jekyll rose and brought it with us when we moved house as my little girl loves it before she could walk she used to crawl to it or i'd pick her up tpo smell flowers,we have beautiful photos of her at 14 months hoding a rose to smell

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