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Talkback: Thinning apples

Can anyone help please ... I have two container planted pear trees (bought from a tv shopping channel last year) one of them has about 6 small fruits on the other just leaves. Also my container plum tree makes some fruit but they keep falling off.
What need I do I have fed them and they haven't dried out at all.I have also sprayed against insects etc.


  • Very helpful idea, our fruit trees are so full of fruit this year theres no way they can all grow to full size. After having hardly any fruit last year we have the complete opposite this year, even our walnut tree is overloaded but I dont think I'll be climbing that to thin the fruit!
  • I haven't a very good crop of apples this year and my nectarine tree hasn't even produced a single bud I have ended up using this to grow my climbing plants up.
  • Anyone have any ideas of how to stop squirrels stealing your apples? 3 weeks ago I had a tree groaning with them, now I don't have a single one. It's never happened before, but the only thing I can think of is the squirrels. Any suggestions welcome!
  • So glad I read this article. For about four years now my apple tree has produced loads of fruit but none of them have reached the edible stage before winter. Now I know why!! Just off to do a bit of thinning. Thank you. Hellebore
  • I have two apple trees which I've had for three years without fruit. This is the first year I've had blossom but not a sign of any fruit now that the blossom has gone. What could be wrong?
  • to keep slugs at bay vaseline at the base of the pot and egg shells broken up after being washed and left to dry a the base of pots
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