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Topping off tomato & no. of trusses?



  • plumtasticplumtastic Posts: 11

    They are moneymaker variety, I dont have any bigger containers  to hand as they are in back of store room but I will do for next year image. Thank you everyone

  • T CT C Posts: 30

    I just let mine grow crazy and produce lots of tomatoes. There are alot of green recipes. Last year off 3 plants I managed to pull off 4kg of green cherry toms. This was around October time.

    I did get a lot of good red ones throughout the season also.

    It depends what you plan to do with them. Green Tom Chutney is pretty good in sandwiches. You can make alot of it from a few plants.

  • plumtasticplumtastic Posts: 11

    Think I will be on a tomato diet lol  image 

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