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Talkback: Top 10 fruit and veg for a dream garden

oldchippyoldchippy Posts: 244
Kate have you won the Lottery. Oldchippy.


  • Haha no oldchippy but one can dream!

  • oldchippyoldchippy Posts: 244
    Dream on Baby,
  • Kate Bradbury

    what tomato varieties are shown in the picture.
  • Help am new gardener just growing broad beans up and flowering very well but flowers not setting with pods and begining to drop off have not seen any insects of or bees Have tried to pollinate myself with paint brush that is pollinate the beans but no success . Any ideas I could try please HELP
  • Cal galCal gal Posts: 1
    I'm not Kate, but I grow a lot of tomatoes. They look to me as follows 1) the yellow/red striped one looks like 'Tigerella'. The very grooved one below and to the left of it looks like 'Marmande'. The large grooved one below it looks like 'Coure di Bue'. The little oval yellow one in back looks like 'Ildi'. The round orange cherry one in front of Ildi looks like 'Orange Berry'. The normal looking red one in back could be any medium red tomato - Shirley, etc. The string of red round cherry ones n bottom right looks like 'Gardeners Delight' but there are others that produce similar trusses. For variety I always grow a green one like 'Green Zebra', and also a larger yellow one, none better than 'Golden Sunrise'. Have fun and experiment!
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