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Opium poppy seeds

Nikki BNikki B Posts: 90



Hello, I've taken everyones advice and collected my poppy seeds image but how do I plant them image should I just sprinkle them over the soil Where I want them?  there's so many and there tiny seeds, I don't have any ideal what the next step is any help would be great thank you in advance image I've put a pic on of the Poppy's I had and collected the seeds off image


  • mollismollis Posts: 150

    Leave the seed heads to ripen and they will self seed probably everywhere. Just weed out the ones you don't want. If you want to seed elsewhere just scatter them now and they should appear next year for you. Save a few in paper bags or envelopes to scatter in spring if nothing shows. Good luck.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,527

    They need light to germinate. Scatter some seed in autumn after the pods are brown and fully ripe, and save some to scatter on freshly turned over soil in March. Mulching on top of the scattered seed will stop them germinating.

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