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Boundary Hedge

I'm in the process of re-designing my back garden and would really appreciate suggestions as to how I might make the garden more private.  My house is a semi with a conservatory which leads out into the back garden. We like to use this room a lot in the warmer months but find it lacks privacy due to being overlooked by my adjoining neighbour and a number of surrounding houses.

There is currently a privet hedge at the boundary but it offers very little privacy as my neighbour is a keen gardener and likes to keep this hedge trimmed right back to around 4ft.  Ideally I'd be looking to keep this hedge at this height as my neighbour has lived there for a long time and I don't want to fall out with her.  I'm more than happy to plant or put up some sort of screen at my side of the boundary, so she can keep the hedge to her liking.  Something around 5ft high would be ideal, I'd considered planting some tall bushes around the conservatory but was concerned about the roots affecting the foundations.  Any ideas?  Many thanks


  • DorcasDorcas Posts: 159

    How about a David Austin rose?  'Graham Thomas' is a medium shrub/small climber type which will go to about 5 feet.  Glorious yellow and fabulous scent.  It would happily sit against a free standing trellis.  Added bonus of giving your neighbour some roses too which should keep the peaceimage

  • Rodgy-dodgeRodgy-dodge Posts: 115

    Hi Fiona G, I have a similar problem with my nosey neighbour! Although we didn't have a hedge just a fence. I've trained up Pyracantha Fire Thorne, it's a good security shrub being thorny. It smells divine in spring with it's masses of tiny white flowers, then it gets berry's for the autumn / winter which the birds love. It can be trained so it's branches grow horizontal. It's also fast growing and you can keep it clipped back so it doesn't encroach into your space. Mine is growing on a shady fence so all in all I think it's a great all rounder.

    some other ideas I had was for Pleached trees! Horn beam keeps its leaves, or how about planting up some bamboo's in tubs?

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    I would go for a fence with climbers up it.

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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,353

    I'd agree with hogweed. A separate barrier on the inside of the hedge - doesn't have to be solid - and plenty of climbers.

    You could have a few shrubs for winter interest. There will be plenty of choice and you wouldn't have to worry about foundations. Just leave enough room for maintenance to your property. image

    If you can post a pic of the area, it will help with more exact recommendations too. Click on the oak tree icon in the toolbar and follow the instructions.

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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • Fiona GFiona G Posts: 2


    Thanks for all the good ideas, I had toyed with the idea of a trellis with climbers, I think done well this could look really nice.  I like the idea of scented flowers, so maybe a mix of scented climbers would work.  If I could find a way to add my own separate barrier that would be perfect.  I have told my neighbour before not to worry about trying to cut my side of the hedge, but she's reached right over and been trimmer happy again this afternoon, cutting away most of the last remaining height and leaving the poor thing brown and scorched in places.  The privet seems quite fast growing both upwards and outwards, is there a way to control it spreading without pruning? I'm wondering if I installed a fence or similar would the growth not push the fence or trellis over? 


    I've included a photo of the back garden taken just after we moved in.  I've stripped out all the crazy paving and raised beds and the brick wall has gone as we want to lay a lawn and a patio.  The path next to the hedge is made from thick solid concrete and initially we'd planned to rip that out too.  But now I'm thinking if I added a trellis or some kind of partition I could maybe disguise it and save myself some back breaking labour!

    I'm thinking along the lines of a cottage style garden, quite informal and wildlife friendly, veggies dotted amongst the flower beds.  I have started to grow a few slightly exotic plants from seed: red hot pokers, Japanese white rose, alstroemeria, hedychium spicatum.  Any suggestions on how I might make the garden look a little less long and narrow would be most welcome also image  


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    That is one nice neat hedge!

    'Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement' - Helen Keller
  • dominomandominoman Posts: 150


    It grows fast, tall and slender and looks great (in my opinion).

    Just make sure you put down a rhizome barrier so it doesnt spread everywhere. 

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