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I need to plant a few fast growing hardy shrubs in order to hide a neighbours eyesore. They are to be planted alongside our driveway in the front of our property.  Any suggestions please.



  • discodavediscodave Posts: 510

    well how big are they? how big do the shrubs need to be to cover them, how big do you want to buy them, how mutch do you want to spend? Do you want any specific characteristics like flowering, varigated etc?

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    Perhaps a trellis and some climbers-but as Dave says more info needed-a photo always helps as wellimage

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    The quickest growing is Laurel or you could really annoy them with quick growing leylandii.
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  • discodavediscodave Posts: 510

    carefull with Leylandii, a legislation in anti social behaviour  means you could end up in hot water if your neighbours complain.

    I think that Budleja is a good option, although wont create a total screen. OH is finally getting into it, just shouted out bamboo

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    I have bamboo , watch how it spreads but love mine .
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    Trouble with fast-growing is that the shrubs often don't have an 'off' switch and you will be back on this board asking how to deal with shrubs which have grown too big.

    It is difficult to see what you need without a photo of the eye-sore and how much room you have for the shrubs/small trees/bushes.

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    As Welshonion says, a fast growing shrub will be a thug that brings its own problems and with the rapid height will also come rapid width requiring lots of maintenance to keep looking good and within bounds.

    The trellis panels suggested above would provide instant height and be decorative in themselves without width.   You can then add climbers for colour and even perfume.   There's a wide range of clematis and roses suitable for many aspects and you would have to choose them depending on whether they are to be south, west, east or north facing, exposed to winds and cold and so on.




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  • What is the eyesore?

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