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Well. Got up this morning and made a cup of tea...looked out the window an saw something in the grass behind my garden. Went down with a box and its a stunning crow. She has a broken left leg but alert enough. Called the RSPCA and now sitting in the garden with her and a book. Anyone else ever rescued an animal and what was the outcome?


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    A hedgehog couldn't get out of large pond at our old house , OH saw it thrashing around, we brought it out, wrapped it up warm and made little warm box with blanket in warm garage (OH put heater on and supervised it all day) , bought some food and fed/watered it . By next morning was wandering around garage, so we let it go and off it waddled with a spring in its step.... Could have been worse. image
  • Awww bunny image my mum did the same this winter. It was in the airing cupboard but ended up she wentvto the shops an the wee monkey was in her bag lol
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    Hehehe cheeky
  • Years ago...there was a young deer hit on the road with a broken leg. Dad and i stopped and fetched him back to dads sheds (he rented 8 massive big old out houses on a farm for his landscaping business) We called the vet but he said just kill it and freeze it. We didnt...we bandeged his leg and looked after him for8 weeks till he was healed. When we released him he bounded away in the woods at the sheds. We were down there a coupke of weeks later working and who should walk in the shed? But the young deer. From then on he used to come back every now and again. We would be busy repairing machines, you would look up and there he was. Bols as brass sniffing about image Dad retired and we were down about 2 years ago and the stag, with stunning antlers just stood at a distance, stomped the ground and left. Never saw him again but he was just stunning. Often wonder what hes upto now image I alawys make thd effort to save any injured animal. No matter what others say. Its still a life.
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    We had a full grown deer leap at car , OH was only going slow as foggy but still over (1000 damage to car) , I doubt deer survived according to our gamekeeper image , it is very common here sadly as so many.
  • I know. They are stunning animals and they symbolise grace, beauty and innocence. Love them. Im missing them this year as none in the village i have moved too. I used to open my curtains and they would be feeding in the land infront of my cottage.
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    Not as impressive as a deer I'm afraid but last year I had some very wet bumble bees who were groggy and bedragled - put them under some shelter with a tiny bit of sugar water - it soon perked them up.

  • Thats a good one. We need our wee strippy pals image
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