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Things you did in the garden as a kid which were extremely bad!

Lived in a semi, nice garden with lawn, GH, veg beds, always grew annuals also a pond. From the smallest age I was fascinated with water, to the point my parents had me to swimming lessons at the age of 4, which back in '78, was relatively novel to say the least. They were terrified I'd drown.. Anyways, I became almost obsessed with river life and frogs/newts, toads dragon/damsel flies and so I got my dad to dig out a pond. Wasn't any great shakes, about 8 inches deep. and about 3 x5' BLUE tarp lol.. I went off up the local common and railway track ditches, collected spawn in spring and caught numerous newts and brought them back. Got some weed snails etc and all was well for a couple of years or so. Every year, would go bring some more spawn back to pond and enjoy watching the tadpoles develop.

Anyways one day, my mum goes out to get the washing in off the line, she comes storming back into the house shouting 'Ben? have you put something in the pond?' to which I answered 'why?'. She said come with me, so I followed to the garden to find the pond seemingly 'boiling' with activity. The tadpoles, boatmen, even the skaters were frantically trying to get out. So I said 'yeah I put an eel in there', she said 'what?' I said 'I put an eel in there', she goes back in and tells my dad, who comes out raging. 'You put an eel in there? Are you stupid?' No I said, I put 3!!!


Yeah, we had to drain the whole pond sieving everything for all the tadpoles/newts/snails all 3 eels went right down into the mud and roots of the weeds, yeah, I was NOT flavour of the month took like 4 hours lol. I had caught the eels in a river brought them back in a carrier bag and figured they'd be fine in the pond!! I bet they figured they were fine, all you can eat restaurant!

Anyways, aside from that my worst faux pas would be using the weedkiller watering can on my grandfathers dahlias when i was 7 yrs old, how I still have my head I don't know. So what naughties have you guys done?



  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,817

    Helped 'prune' my dad's prize hydrangea. Never flowered againimage

  • Bunny ...Bunny ... Posts: 3,471
    I was saintly .... In my parents gardenimage however others.....
  • Reached through the fence and picked and ate ALL my neighbour's raspberries.

  • Don't get me started on 'scrumping' which was thieving apples lol, I was a naughty boy!

  • Hi many many years ago I found a dead branch on the road , brought into the house and stuck into the back garden next to the dividing railing couple of years later my Dad says to me "that's why I hate Elder" it was huge .


  • I once went to a friend's house when i was about 3 or 4 and we picked every flower we could find and filled the pond with them all....Her mum wasn't pleased when she found out & my mum still reminds me of this, but of course now nobody would dream of leaving a couple of 3 yr olds alone near a pond for long enough to do that!!


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,828

    I'll have to put something because I want to get told of the replies and this looks as though it could be interesting, but I was horribly boringly good in the garden when I was little. All I can remember was, when I was about 5, eating all the blackberries and being sick.image

    Dordogne and Norfolk. Clay in Dordogne, sandy in Norfolk.
  • Never mind doing bad things when I was a kid - how about as an adult image

  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 460
    Jess is in the Garden wrote (see)

    Never mind doing bad things when I was a kid - how about as an adult image

    Now then, seems a new thread is in order :P

  • discodavediscodave Posts: 510

    I remember over a period of time eating all of my dads raddishes and parsnips and carrots and peas and saying it must have been rabbits or something. I used to go scrumping as well. (not such a bad thing in my eyes, they used to be scattered all over the ground so the people who owned the orchard clearly didnt want them). I also remember when I was about 5 and my brother was 7, my mum used to send us 'out to play', and we would be gone for hours, down the fields, in the woods, in the stream and river. Looking back on it, it was lovely to be able to do that and experience things that kids today just cant.

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