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box hedge health issue

hi all hope you can help i have bought a load of instant box hedging to line my boarders.i took delivery of them and they look a bit sick to me ,am i right in thinking when box is a goldy brown colour it will not come back green? i have a few pictures i can upload once ive worked out how to ,any info on this would be a great help as im not sure whether to return them or trim and hope?? 



  • Box can suffer from Box Blight which attacks the leaves and the stems. resulting in bare patches and die back. It causes the leaves to go brown and fall off. You could always isolate your plants to make sure they are free of infection before you plant them out. If disease does occure it is best to remove and destroy infected plants. Do hope yours are ok.

  • I would get some pics up asap, if they are faulty/deseased/dead, you will want to get them replaced. Where did you get them from?

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    Contact the suppliers and take your muzzle offimage





  • Doesn't look too bad to me, and not like the box blight I've seen. Maybe a bit of frost damage? Or else it could be irregular watering. Are you going to plant them in the ground or ar they staying in those containers? I think they would be happier in the ground as those containers don't look to be very deep, and they may be at risk of drying out.

    I would wait until after the frosts, then give them a clip back, and they should recover OK

  • Do not contact the supplier. Coppering of Buxus is natural in winter. A good feed and sunshine and it will be fine within a few weeks. Use a general feed and use bonemeal when planting.

  • I have just been checking on a couple of web sites for when is the best time to trim Box,  now the old Beeb site said twice a year in early spring and late autumn and another said not until June,  so who's right please ?

  • most of the recent ones I have seen say to do it around June, it does seem quite sensible as they seem to have new shoots on in spring. 

    lizzy6, when did you get them? who potted them up in the troughs, they look quite wet, have they got proper drainage? how far are they planted from each other?

  • Thanks for that Dave,  I thought June was the better option why cut the new spring growth off, very strange. 

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