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I know I'm way ahead here but still a new garden , so... Currently it is spring bulbs, tulips, daffs , snowdrops, hellebore.. What is next ? My garden is very much summer and am trying to move to winter interest ,spring interest into summer ..autumn.. Shrubs, bulbs, flowers ..what do we look forward to next .. (So I can pick up ideas) image


  • Alchemilla Mollis (Ladies Mantle), aquilegia, foxgloves, many hardy geraniums (cranesbills) such as Johnson's Blue, geums, irises, trollius, veronica all flower early. There are a number of clematis that flower early, especially the (large) clematis montana and there are also roses that start in May. Spicebush and Fothergilla are two early-flowering shrubs that flower around April and May.

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    Thanks GG I shall note those, I have a couple of those in other places so aiming to move or replace also .
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    I've been wary of evergreens since losing some in those really cold winter so tend to have deciduous . I had intended having spring pots but back and foot probs , too busy with business left no time ...hence now lacking. I like the idea of winter honeysuckle , I have an evergreen honeysuckle on pergola , plenty to go at . I think I should have some blossom around too . I have made a note of one to get .
  • The other thing to think of is which plants give real vlaue for money by flowering for a long time, like fuchsias and cranesbills and osteospermum, especially if you choose the right variety.

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    Bunny, if you don't mind using biennials or short lived plants, you can buy plug plants of forget- me- nots, bellis daisies, violas, primroses etc in autumn, plant them then up they come in late spring putting colour in the garden. Oh and wallflowers - scent as well.

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    Ahhh good point liz , no I don't mind ... Need to be more organised going forward !!
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    I know what you mean Bunny regarding an all season approach. Just an idea but for late Summer/ early Autumn flowers, have you thought about Rudbeckias?

    I'm grew some mixed ones last year and once they got going they really did well and flowered well into October.

    I've also seen some very cheap sweet william plants that will flower beautifully in the early Summer.

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    Thanks Hollie , I have some yellow ones .... will look for some more colours, your right they do flower late and grow great in my clay.... I bought some pink seeds to try this year , hope they work.

    Don't think I've ever had sweet William image
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    I've started some cappachino Rudbeckias from seed this year, from what I've learnt from here the bees really love them

     I think sweet williams are easy to grow from seed but they grow very well from rooted cuttings and need no special treatment. They grow into busy plants. I've pulled some up and planted them and they have grown.

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