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Dalek Style composters How to turn?

Hi there! Right I have two of the big black dalek composters, I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice on how they go about turning the compost and also how they get at the compost! Firstly As I have two, the simple plan would be to use one and fill up then use the other for the fresh, the problem is I'm loathe to throw anything compostible out! So when one is full the excess goes ontop of the other! Also there is an access 'flap' at the front, although for the life of me it's too small to really get in and get at the compost. The only way I can 'turn' it currently is to unload it all from the flap and top onto tarp on the lawn then shovel back in. It's not ideal at all, I'm thinking of making a decent set of 2 big bins from 2x4's, anyone have an easier way to do it? Or do you folks think better to build my own?

Thanking you in advance



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