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Is any one else having problems with ordering from Thompson and Morgan. Most don't arrive, just a voucher for the amount forcing another order with them. Or they take too long to arrive; the longest being 18 months!  Have they got to big to be able to cope?  Are they offering too many free plants to readers?


  • LynLyn Posts: 8,109

    I havent ordered anything from them, but someone posted this on another thread a little while ago

    ("As for T&M I would be jailed if I were to post on here about the quality of their plants and customer service")

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  • I have ordered from them a few times now and always recieved on time. Although the last time I ordered quite a few plants, the first of which are due to be dispatched by tomorrow so we shall see. Some of the items I ordered aren't due to be dispatched until September but I was aware of that date when I ordered. 

  • They are ok, will replace if you ring up and moan, I do find they can take their time, especially with things like first early potatoes, mine didn't arrive until end of march last year, un-chitted. Also their autumnal stuff like onions and garlic and shallots didn't arrive til start of december. For things I absolutely need on time, like tatties and stuff before the ground is frozen solid, I shall be buying elsewhere.

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    I am always being tempted by the offers/discounts in the magazine, and have always had things arrive promptly and in good condition.

    On the one occasion that I had been sent a set of mould bare roots I contacted them and they replaced with no quibble - so I would say that you have been unlucky

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  • I have ordered a lot from them and have always been very pleased with the plants. Once something didn't arrive but when I phoned them they sent a replacement straight away. They are one of my favourite places to get my plants from.

  • Thanks Bev & Chicky, thats good to hear. Sounds like you might have just been unlucky David.

  • yep having all sort of problems, ordered stuff the 3oth nov should have arrived end january, spoke to them and said it would be here end of march now, they seem to move the dates, but they have had the money so they have had my thirty  quid since nov times that by a 1,000 customers quite a nice way of having money in the bank...?????

  • maybe start a mass name and shame thread by T&M customers and let them have a look at it..

  • I have just ordered some free summer bulbs, you pay for postage, from the Daily Mail offer, supplied by T & M. I have had plug plants from them in the past and have always found them to give good service. Hope it is the same this timeimage

  • image I could write a book about the trashy service of T&M but the gardening magazines/dailies etc.seam to pay no attention to the consumers' complaints as they are reaping revenue from T&M.

    No one has cottoned on to the fact either, that these FREE plants are surplus that would be thrown out(judging by the quality of plants they sent out) and the P&P they want is exorbitant! Also, often wrong plants are sent out and willy nilly as if they are doing customers a favour by using the word "FREE".

    There are MORE complaints than satisfied customers  over all. They are taking advantage of the belief that we do not complain. They would not get away with it in the continent.imageimage

  • SFordSFord Posts: 224

    I have taken up the free offers and not had any problem with delivery or quality of plants.  However I do find it difficult to keep track of what I have ordered from what supplier and when it should be delivered so I have now stuck a list to the fridge door of what I have ordered from whom and when it should be arriving so I can chase it up when it doesnt arrive.  Thats the problem with ordering things a number of months in advance!

  • discodavediscodave Posts: 510

    I have just recieved part of my T&M order, it was extremely well packaged, well potted, care instructions, looks very healthy & has a quite a few buds.


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