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had good floweres three years ago , nothing last year on three plants ..not looking good this year ..any thoughts


  • not sure . new to this   large plants they seem healthy and start bforming the brandts but they dont quite make it

  • verdun


    what do u mean by clones ?

  • thanks verdun

    i'l try

  • Bear in mind the weather last year, lots of plants and shrubs have had decidely unexpected results. I'm just hoping this year we won't have quite as much rain! (Also hoping there isn't a drought now!)

  • chickychicky Posts: 10,390

    Some  euphorbia - the charcais wulfenii lot (pretty sure I have spelt that wrong, but you get the gist) - have biennial stems, so they produce the stem one year, topped by leaves only, and then it flowers the next.  You cut back the flowered spikes to the base each year and then the others should flower the next year.  When you cut the flowered spikes back to the base it makes room for new ones to form, which will then flower the yeaa after next. When I first bought my plants it took a while for it to get into its rhythm, but mine have got there in the end (I'm in year 6 now).

  • lovelly

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