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Australian Swamp Stonecrop

We have a large wildlife pond which has become clogged with this type of stonecrop.It seems thst pulling it out can actually spread it as it is fragile and any bits that snap off will quickly regrow. We have carp , newts , dragonfly larva .. all sorts of wildlife and I am nervous of using a glyphosate herbicide for this reason as well as it being difficult as 99% of the plants are underwater. Any advice ?


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,791

    Hi Jo

    Just googled your plant and recognised something that's been in my pond for a year or two. I'd never use a chemical of any sort in a pond and I've been heaving it out with a rake and it's very heavy. Can't get it all out because I can't reach it.

    Hope someone will come up with a solution as I can only offer sympathy. 


  • jo17jo17 Posts: 65

    That's what we've had to do till now.... as a couple of Oldies this is back -breaking and I s'pose I am hoping there's an easier way ! As we've been flooded all winter I am only now able to see the pond back at it's normal level... none of the winter reed clearing has been possible and now it's really too late in many cases. 

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