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Reaching for the sky!

I have a Camellia, not sure which. Has been in a South facing border for several years, it's about 3ft high. This past year it has thrown out lots of really long whippy shoots, well over a foot long. It has some buds on normal shoots. Should I prune the long ones off? Anyone else had this happen? Thanks Sue


  • no,but if it did I would prune those off.

  • Speaking from a position of total ignorance, since I have never grown a camellia, I believe they sometimes reveal their genetic inheritance by 'sporting' and producing different coloured flowers on the same plant. I was just wondering whether these shoots would in fact produce different flowers if they were left on. (How I have the cheek to contribute to this thread, I'm not sure. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.)

  • Thanks GG, that sounds interesting. I may prune some and leave some , to see what happens. Not cheek at all!
  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Have you pruned the bush recently?  The amount of rain we had last summer has affected some shrubs in unexpected ways.  Usually in a good way.

    I would leave the shoots, unless you want the bush to remain small.  Perhaps tip prune them, but don't cut them right back.  You can be more drastic when you see how the bush develops.

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