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Unseasonable shrubs

suemariesuemarie Posts: 4
My winter flowering scented vibernum Bodnantense is three years old. I'm in Yorkshire and it's in an east-facing bed. Last year, it bloomed from July until this April. I put it down to the ignorance of youth and assumed it would behave more appropriately as it got older. However, it's in flower again, with the first buds showing in late June. I'm not complaining though - it's beautiful! Just wondering if others are as lucky as me and if anyone can suggest why it's flowering so early. Also, could lack of sleep be harming this youngster?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,239

    Well, it was flowering in winter then.image

    I have a VB about 6-7 yrs old also in an east facing bed and it does tend to flower a bit randomly. No flowers on mine atm, but can see little buds. As I recall it does sometimes start flowering in the summer - just enjoy it.

    I tend to give mine a good hair-cut around this time time of year - no idea if it's the right time as per the 'book' - more likely should be pruned after flowering, but it works for me and get a good display every year. Just wished I'd planted it nearer the house.

    You know hat youngsters are like - need no sleep whatsoever - just party, party, party

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