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sycamore tree

hi everyone, im on an errand of mercy for my friend, there is a large sycamore tree in her neighbours garden, just on the other side of her fence, i think i read on here that it is likely to take all the moister from her soil, everything she plants seems to die, can anyone suggest an inexpensive plant that is easy to manage that she can put there, she did plant a clemitis 2 years ago but it is still just a stem ha ha, any advice would be appreciated, thanks ps, the border is in front of an 8ft wall


  • Hi. your friend would need to prepare the area by adding organic matter such as garden compost or well-rotted farmyard manure (you can buy this in garden centres) and sprinkle Growmore or fish, blood and bone before planting. Planting in the autumn gives plants a chance to establish before the leaves come out. She should mulch with more garden compost from time to time and give plenty of water to the new plants.

    She needs to plant things that would naturally grow in the shade of trees among dry roots. Cranesbills (perennial geraniums) would probably survive. Hostas. Rose of Sharon. Bergenias and lamiums.  She could also plant bulbs/corms such as anemones, bluebells, colchicums and daffodils.

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    thanks garden grandma, there is plenty there for her to get her going, love your little dogs

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