Hi all, I got given a lovely pack of mixed wildflower meadow seeds for Christmas, and I'm wondering about the best use for them? I have a large patch of ground where we have recently removed a fir tree, and I was planning on creating a mini wildflower meadow there as I've been advised they like poor soil. Should I just scatter the seeds and hope for the best???


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    hi bookwormy i think its a hit or miss with the seeds i have scattered,then raked them in i have done all sorts spents pounds on them,so if you are lucky then let me know your secret.and yet nature does it perfectly

  • Hi Bookwormy - I am trying to make a wildflower garden too (first time I've

    tried it,so I've no idea whether it will work!) I know wildflowers don't like fertilized

    soil, but I 've read that they do like finely raked, weedless soil, so I've sown mine

    in seed trays to begin with, hoping that this will give them a better start. I hope

    this helps you a bit!
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    What are the seeds in the mix? If I was growing perennials for planting in grass I'd go down the plugs (or larger), route. If I was sowing a hay meadow from scratch I'd sow everything in weedfree soil in the autumn. If I was growing an annual cornfield mix (cornflowers, poppies, corncockle etc. I'd sow direct into cultivated soil

  • I haven't yet sown my wildflower seed "mixes" as I wasn't sure whether they

    would do too well in the seed trays. The ones I've sown in trays are individual

    packets of foxgloves, cow parsley, field scabious, oxeye daisies and cowslips.

    I'm still raking over the cultivated area for the mixed seeds and will probably sow

    them straight into the ground in March. I have no idea whether it will work---just

    hoping!! The ground is weed free now and is also unfurtilized, but I want to rake

    it until it's a bit finer. The seed mixes have some of the above in them but also

    poppies, ladies bedstraw, red campion, cornflowers etc. Is clover a good idea?

    Would appreciate some more advice nutcutlet...you sound as if you really know

    a thing or two about wildflowers! Many thanks!
  • BookwormyBookwormy Posts: 16

    Thanks guys - I'm going to try a bit of both - sow some straight in and others in seed trays - fingers crossed!!

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 25,999

    Hi again

    You need to be sowing them now. Everything will be hardy, no heat required. Some, eg cowslips, really like a chilling but they'll probably get one before the real spring. If the ground is ready go for direct sow. They won't all germinate at the same time, if in trays you'll be trying to prick out the fast growing ones without disturbing the just germinated or not germinated. 

    Mixes of anything in trays are a real pain at pricking out time.

  • BookwormyBookwormy Posts: 16

    Thanks Nutcutlet - I'll get on to that this weekend!

  • Hi Nutcutlet,

    I put my trays of oxeye daisy seeds and cowslips outside as soon as I sowed

    them (with propogating lids on them so the birds wouldn't take the seeds.) I've

    just had a look, but after twelve days nothing is happening. The potting soil

    is quite damp, but I'm a bit worried about over watering. How often do you think

    they will need watering? I'm using a small watering can with a very fine rose so

    as not to swamp them! I have the cow parsley seeds, the foxgloves and the

    field scabious all in separate seed trays on bedroom window ledges. Nothing

    happening with these either yet! Guess I just have to be patient! Thanks very

    much for your advice - will let you know when anything happens!
  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 25,999

    I'd put some grit on top. It holds in the moisture so you don't have to water so much. 12 days would be a very quick germination. None of them need warmth, A lot of the cow parsley family need a chill, but I don't know specifically about cow parsley, that was here when we came and looks after itself. (Rather too well)

  • Many thanks again Nutcutlet! I will try the griit and put my cow parsley out in

    the cold/ I always think it looks so pretty in the country lanes, but maybe I

    had better watch it doesn't go rampant!!! Luckily I only sowed about a quarter

    of the packet!
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