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Front and back Garden design help/advice needed please.








 Hi All

I have attached 2 pics each of our front and back gardens of the house we have just moved into. We knocked a lot of walls down, took crazy paving up in the front and ripped bushes and most plants and weeds from back garden out at the end of last summer as we wanted a blank canvas to work from.

We were wondering if you guys could give us some inspiration for either the front or back garden as we will be cracking on with it when the weather improves slightly but please bear in mind I am not working at the mo so we do need to do this on a very small budget.

We will be moving the greenhouse to the very back of the back garden so that the dog can't get at it, which will free up a nice area where the greenhouse was that could be a patio area and the awful brick wall on the right hand side of the garden will be getting knocked down and replaced with fencing to match the back fence.  We have bought some apple trees which will probably be planted in the ground on the left hand side in front of the brick wall. We also have a couple of acers to plant somewhere and I would like to get a couple of smoke trees, I love colourful plants and trees.

The front garden gets the sun all day long so I want to plant lots of smaller fruit bushes and nice smelling things but I just do not know what to do with the mish mash of concrete going on, also the soil is full of weeds, as is the back garden.

I guess I just don't know where to start with it all as it is our first house that we have owned so any advice or help would be brilliant.

Thanks in advance!

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