Mistletoe in peach tree

I have a peach tree growing in a pot outdoors ang growing in it there is a big bunch of mistletoe.The tree is 6' 6" high and is growing in an 18" square pot. In size the mistletoe bunch is about one third of the total mass of peach branches.

I would like to remove most of the peach tree branches to just leave the mistletoe. Will this kill the tree and is the pot big enough to sustain the tree?

Any help appreciated.


  • Hi Mike-C, as Mistletoe is a parasite plant it is quite likely that you may kill both the peach and the mistletoe by cutting back the peach that hard. There needs to be a healthy plant on which the parasitic plant grows and if you take too much of it out you are in danger of upseting the balance. 

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    I agree with Dave - the stronger the host plant the stronger the misletoe will be - what sort of compost is in the pot and how long has the peach been there?

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    Hello,gyes. I will use this thread for my question.

    What is the best time to prune a peach tree? I am writing about it in my blog, but actually i am not sure, i wrote ''the right facts".


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