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1st ever greenhouse!

I'm having lots of fun putting up my 1st ever greenhouse. It's a compact 2 by 4 foot beauty and I'm very proud!! This is only my 2nd full season if gardening, and i was just wondered when you all got your 1st greenhouse and what you grew in it? Also, is it just me, or is building a greenhouse a little like mechano for adults?!


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    I learnt a lot of new swear wordsimage

    Ours was a replacement for a homemade rickety thing that we inherited with the house-got everybody 15 or so years ago or so to give me money for Christmas -went off to B & Q with my dosh-took two weekends a lot of bolting -and unbolting when something was the wrong way roundimage -(reading a diagram with no written instructions).image

    The thing is having done one-it is so satisfying you want to do another one.


  • Bunny ...Bunny ... Posts: 3,455
    My first was a zip up little tent, then one became two now have a small greenhouse though (given by work colleague couple years ago) , I use for potting up and taking cuttings, have grown toms, cucumber , basil, salads , flowers in since and look forward to starting again this year.

    OH built mine , I'd have had it all back to front and upside down image , once I start in there I'm always there...OH knows where to find me image
  • Congratulations Tilley - fun times ahead! This is just my third year of growing in a greenhouse and it is my pride and joy. I have been able to get decent tomato crops at last without the dreaded blight getting them. I also grow lots and lots of chillies image cucumbers and herbs and also start off all my other veg in there before planting out.

    We prepared the base for our greenhouse ourselves but we had professionals erect it for us! image

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    I started off with a cold frame, then added one of those zip up plastic 4 shelved jobs. About 12 years ago, I got an 8x6 one from Hombase, I think. I put it up with a neighbour, for which I was very grateful as I had a nasty accident with glass a few years back and I'm neurotic about the stuff. Since then, I've added a 4x2 lean to.

    Bloke electrified them both a couple of years ago, which makes a huge difference, now I've got a couple of heated propagators and a little greenhouse heater in there as well.

    I also got a small water butt and hooked it up to the guttering on the bigger one, so there's water on tap all the time.

    I do love them, I've overwintered my brugmansias in there, and they've still got all their leaves. I am lucky enough to have a walled garden though, and the Walls seem to act as giant storage heaters...I haven't bothered to bubble wrap them for years now. ( the greenhouses, not the Walls!)
  • Figrat, I now have mental image of bubble wrapped walls...

    But I am glad to hear that at least one of you had a go at putting it up yourself! Well done sotongeoff!!! And my vocabulary has certainly expanded too...

    I think I'm going to loose myself in there once completed, just like you Bunny image And my OH has been pre warned of my new hideout.

    Tomorrow and Tuesday are glass days. Hubby and I have sync ed up our days off to do this as I'm very pregnant and clumsy at the mo!!! Did the frame myself though. Grrrr.
  • Tilley, get yourself one of those baby monitors that has a long range and a parent monitor that you can pop onto your belt.  Then when LO is a bit older (and you've had some sleep) you can pop out there for half an hour or so whilst bump is asleep.

    For the first 6 weeks all you will want to do is sleep, though.  Good luck with your new arrival (and the greenhouse too!!) image

  • Genius idea!!! Love itimage
  • My first was a cold frame, had plenty of fun planting in it. I have just bought for the first time a pop up metal frame plastic covered one, not expensive, not stunning and probably not big enough, but lets see what happens this year. I also just had a birthday and got all gardening gifts (including a paint your own gnome) from my friends and family which shows that they know me so well. 

  • DiscoDave, paint your own gnome? You've GOT to post the photos!!! I used to work in the art dept at Alton Towers, as a leaving gift they have me an Umpa Lumpa from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride. He serves as our gnome image

    Verdun, I'm just so excited to have somewhere I can tinker in the garden whilst keeping warm, especially now i have an ever growing bump! And it's nearly seed sowing season. Woop woop!

    Today's job, glazing the frame between showers... I promise to post photo once done.
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