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what is this tree?

Can anyone tell me what this tree is. It still has almost all of its leaves. Last spring I pulled off all the previous years leaves so now wonder if it isn't decidu



ous as I had assumed



  • Is it some sort of Euonymus? Close-up view of a leaf  and some bark might help. Is this a recent photo?

  • image




    Here is the leaf and bark

  • That's very helpful, Bev; I'll have a think in a while and I'm sure others will, too.


  • Thank you Joe. My fingers got absolutely freezing going out to take the pics!

  • I suppose this has no flowers or fruit? I wondered, too, whether it was a shrub or actually a young tree that has seeded itself in your garden.

  • It doesn't have flowers or fruit. I got it from someone on freegle.

  • Why did you pull all its leaves off?

  • I haven't got any idea....I look after shrubs and trees, I had to get a book on trees and shrubs and was able to identify them that way.
  • Still puzzling. If you have an i-phone, you can get plant ID apps such as Leafsnap.

  • Those leaves are rather beautiful. I had a good look for some information but couldn't find anything. I suppose it couldn't have catkins or berries or even flowers that appear in winter so that you're not noticing them?

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