I'm going to have a go at making my own liquid feeds from comfrey, nettles and manure - in separate bins. I've found the 'recipes' and diluting rates for each but I'm not sure about where to use them.

Does anyone know which liquid is best for which plants please?



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    I'm also going to try nettles this year as a result of a Gardeners world article last season showing someone growing tomato on nettle  liquid as a result the plants looked superb. I have also read that it is really good for leafy veg as it has a lot of nitrogen in it

    Lets hope it works

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    Hi nightgarden,we also use the same or will be this year can you explain the diluting rates you have becouse it depends on what size container your useing to make it, so i can work out the dilute rate for us as we make 40 gallons at a time for our allotment and home plants many thanks


  • ColinAColinA Posts: 164

    Hi Alan4711

    You can get all the rates by typing in to google the title eg how to make nettle fertiliser etc


    Colin A

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    Thanks Colin


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    Nettle 'soup' will be high in nitrogen, so use on leafy crops like lettuce and brassicas.  Comfrey will be better as a general feed, especially for fruiting plants like tomatoes as it has a higher potash and phosphate content than liquid feed made only from nettles.  I use comfrey feed on everything though, with great results.  An easy-peasy rule of thumb for dilution is to water it down until it is the colour of weak tea.  I make comfrey liquid in a large covered bucket.  I simply ram it full of leaves which I crush as I put them in, then fill to the top with water.  That makes a strong concentrate after a few weeks but I keep it at the bottom of the garden while rotting (it stinks to high heaven!) and then transfer to 2 litre plastic 'pop' bottles until it is needed.  I've found by experience that it still works just as well after 3 years and probably has an unlimited 'shelf life' when in sealed bottles.

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  • Thanks everyone for all the advice - a great help.

  • HI Can i use my nettle feed on my grasses and flowers

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