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  • Even if you can get them to have a look at it and agree that if it is indeed dead and not saveable, then see if they will agree to re-lay it. They may tell you its fine and dormant and to wait a while but at least if they agree with you by email or something that you have in writing that they will repair then all is not lost. 

    Who's idea was it to lay at that time of year (did they advise against it?)

  • Thanks Dave Just the way it all worked out re landscaping project after a build. However, they couldnt supply turf over Jan when really cold and then started cutting it a couple of weeks ago - though I 'was' concernd it looked very pale! thks

  • lawns shouldn't be cut until March time, if its been cut too early and had frost afterwards, that would affect it, also you should try not to walk on lawns during winter as it can cause yellowing/dead looking areas. Did they not advise you to wait until March to lay the lawn?

  • No but I know winter not great but they kept delaying job. No prob will sort anyway with supplier if they have supplied turf when not suitable to be laid!! thks

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