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artificial fertilizer experiences

I use  "Culterra" pellets to fertilize my lawn. It make the grass grow very good but also the nasty weed. Now I read something about atrificial fertilizer that might to control the weed due to the nitrogen. Weed doesn't seem to like nitrogen so it will die.

Anyone experiences?

My dogs like the smell ( and taste) of Culterra and get ill. So I don't like to use it unless I can keep the dogs inside untill the pellets are dissolved by the rain


  • Rinus KRinus K Posts: 67

    OK Edd. That solves the dog problem. But still the weed is growing even faster than the grass when I use Culterra. And I'am told artificial fertilizer with nitrogen makes only the grass grow and kills eventually the weed. It's makes sence because on farmland you don't see wild flowers (when it's in the lawn we call it weed for some reason).  And farmers use tons of nitrogen containing fertilizer.

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