How to support summer fruiting raspberries

I've inherited some summer fruiting raspberries on my allotment that are now doing well after a lot of feeding last year.  They are unsupported so drooping badly so I want to put in a support to help for next year's crop.

The canes having come up (this years and last) in roughly a two metre circle.  Do I just use posts to create a single line of support as suggested in books? It seems to me that two parallel lines about a metre apart might be better.  It would mean fewer canes on each support and easier weeding (lots of grass grows). Is there a reason not to do this?

Any advice appreciated.


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    The books always show neat little clumps or rows of raspberry plants which, as anyone who has grown them knows, is a pipe dream.

    There are four systems that I know of. First the single post. The canes are tied up like a wigwam. Secondly, the single fence system with a couple of tall posts (2.4 metres) with wires at regular intervals between them. Thirdly, the double fence system with two tall posts which have cross pieces nailed to them and wires stretched between the ends of the cross pices, like telegraph wires. Fourthly, the Scandinavian system. This has two shortish (1.5 metres) posts set into the ground every metre or so. Then one lot of wires are attached to them at avout a metre above the soil. The canes are tied in in a low V shape.

    They are all a nighmare to keep tidy. I'd just do what pleases you with regard to weeding.image

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    Thanks pansyface, now I can google the correct system image.

    Two posts with cross pieces looks best for us.

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    No wonder they wouldn't let me join the Girl Guidesimage

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    I tied mine up with wires between two 2" thick poles. The wires broke. Replaced with thick wire. A pole broke. Gave up. image

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