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plants for ex compost bin

I have a compost bin that I want to turn in to some sort of 'rockery', it's probably 1.5m tall and the same wide, only problem is it's under trees so is quite shaded, has anyone any ideas what plants could be put in there? I've tried a fern which is doing quite well and honeysuckle (to grow up the fence) but this isn't doing too well.Any help much appreciated image



  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    Traditional rockery plants normally prefer sun.

    Carol Klein's garden, featured on TV, has a lot of waist-high raised beds. They can provide a very good and well-drained growing environment.

    They also raise plants up to eye level, and you don't need to bend down to cultivate the soil.

    The absence of sun is your main problem. You need to grow shade-loving plants. What about some hostas.

  • You say you have a fern- why not add more ferns and grow a fernery (if that's what they are called). As shown on 'The A to Z of gardening- letter F.

    I'm trying to create one in a passage down the side of my house.

  • thanks for suggestions, thought about just putting ferns in there but I want to add some colour as well as it's a bit bleak down the bottom of the garden!

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