Choosing chillies

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I know it's a bit late to be starting chillies but I live in Belgium and fresh chillies sold here are mild, to say the least, and seeds are hard to find so I've been cruising the internet for some which will give me fruity heat without anaesthetising my palette.

Does anyone know these? -  Cherry bomb, Garden Salsa, Numex Pinata, Hungarian Hot Wax, Habanero Chocolate.     Or have a chilli to recommend?  And can anyone tell me where I'll find seed for Kashmiri chilli?

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  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Found some kashmiri chilli seeds

    Doesn't say if they will be sent to Belgium-but perhaps someone in the UK can get them on your behalf?

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    Obelix, check out T&M online,  I bought several packets of seeds from them this and last year, P&P cost £4.95 to Switzerland and you can pay with credit cards Visa etc. Received them only 4-5 days after ordering. They have a good choice of chillies.

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    I'm trying Hungarian yellow wax for the first time this year, not quite on your list, it's described as fairly hot.

    I can't eat chillies which are really hot and have found Apache and Cayenne eye watering when eaten on their own but palatable in dishes, usually one or two chillies is sufficient to put some heat into the dish. Apache is the better cropper, one plant produces enough chillies when dried to last until the following crop is ready, of course  it depends how many chillies you eat and how hot you want your dishes to be.    

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