I have bought a clamatis "mile a minute" which i plan to plant at the end of the garden against a sunny fence. What trellis is best to use? plastic or wood and what pattern? i.e big squares or closer together triangle slats or should i use fan trellis? I live in Solihull any suggestions on places to buy it from? 


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    Any good DIY or garden store will sell a variety of trellis but you'll need more than one panel to accommodate this plant.   My own preference is for wooden trellis panels which tend to come in panels 6' x 6'.  They are best attached to walls or fence posts by using 2" battens screwed to the support and then screwing the trellis panel to the battens.   This allows air to circulate and reduce disease as well as enabling the plant to twine.

    When you have made your choice, make sure you go out often to train the new stems as horizontally as possible to encourage more flower buds to form.


    The Vendée, France
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    Hello nicola, I have a clemantis montana which is definatley a mile a minute plant. I've been training it to grow along my fence. I always prefer natural materials so would always use wood.

    I think that bought trellis are extremely expensive for what they are, after all once the plant is established, you wont even see it and the plant wont mind what it's growing on. Have you thought about putting something on the fence to act as some sort of support? Maybe some sort of string/twine(although this will rot down in time) or wire?

    I used some long hazel sticks, placed horizontly and screwed into the fence with 6" screws to give the front runners of the clemantis something to hold on to. Once they grab onto it the others generally grow on each other.


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    I have several montannas and i just use wood trellis. A also train it along wire which i wrap between 2 screws.

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    Yes, wire is another option.  You can buy vine eyes which are just metal screws with a loop on the end hrough which you pass wire that you tauten at the ends.   You can put in horizontal wires at 12 to 18 inch intervals going up fence posts or a walla nd train the clematis along those.   String will rot or snap under the strain so do buy proper wire which can be plain galvanised or covered with green plastic.

    The Vendée, France
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