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Pots , planters and compost

I'm new to this forum and you may have been asked this many times  but here goes .I use pots and containers and grow plants and a few veg in them . My problem is space so firstly  how long can i use the compost before it need changing and secondly i do not now where to get rid of the spent compost when I change it . My garden area does not have the capacity to dispose of it around my plants as I have no room left. I cannot put it in the  green bin as they do not take soil . is there anywhere or any one who would want spent compost. I try to feed my pot plants with farmyard pellets to increase the use but I now have some plants that need repotting as they are pot bound. Help and suggestions on these points would be welcome .image


  • hi

    it deepnds what is in the pots how often to change compost

    veg pots i would change every crop or every year

    as for the old compost maybe you have a allotment site nearby im shore somone will be glad of a some spent compost 

  • mo6mo6 Posts: 28

    Thanks Darren thats helpful.

    I have lavender, asters, herbs,  roses, penstimons and sweet peas later on, spring bulbs and  pansies in tub.sSo as much variety as I have space.   I did think maybe an allotment might take it but as its old and used up I wasnt sure but I suppose it will help break down clay soil or improve soil quality for someone else . Perhaps my veg will do better with fresh compost this year.It does get expensive changing it all so often  but my garden is limited and i try to put as many flowers as I can in it . Its a nice south facing garden and I have done well with tomatoes when its a good summer .Always looking to improve it now I have more time.

    Cheers  Mo

  • Mo - Another suggestion, if you have the room (you say the garden space is limited but maybe you could sqeeze one in) a compost bin would be good. You can stick the used compost in that and add peelings etc to it to feed new life into the spend stuff.

  • mo6mo6 Posts: 28

    I would love to do this . Is a possibility then I could recycle instead of replace . I live near Ryton organics I will call over there and see what would be there best suggestion  for my small space . What with dustbins ,green bins and plastic recycling bins space has become a bit of premium. definately worth a thought .

    Many thanks Mo

  • Although the compost has been used up in pots for veggies I use the spent soil for plants that don't like too much food such as herbs. If I've used water retaining gel I water every couple of months or so but they don't seem to care if I don't. I also use it around plants in the ground since I have a bit of water run off so just topping it up really.

  • Potting compost is basically a medium to hold and supply water and nutrients to the plant. So in theory as long as you keep watering and feeding(tomato fertiliser is good for most) you should be able to keep using the same compost. Obviously some plants outgrow their pots and some plants are annuals and die off. But why not just keep recycling the compost each year in your pots/planters? Only exception to this idea (I hesitate to say "rule") is if the plants catch a disease. Then dispose of the compost completely lest you repeat the problem. 

    I don't know if anyone has ever tried to keep compost going on and on in this way but it might be worth a try ...have you ever studied the CRPI..the Compost Retail Price Index?

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