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Plants to ID please

Hi folks, can someone identify these plants for me? Sorry about the weird rotation...

Exhibit A:


Exhibit  B:


 Exhibit C:


 Exhibit D - this is right by our fence and was hard to get a picture of...:


 Exhibit E:



Thanks for your help!


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,743

    D is honeysuckle and E is one of the many cotoneasters, maybe simonsii or franchetti

  • MuddyForkMuddyFork Posts: 435

    A is a weed, Veitch.  B is a Spirea, even the RHS couldn't tell me which one as I have this in my garden.

  • cathy43cathy43 Posts: 373

    Agree with D and E, could A be one of the brooms, is the proper name cytsis? can't remember

  • Thanks both. So D is honeysuckle? When will it flower, and should I be giving it some support to get up the fence? 

    MuddyFork, I had a sneaking suspicion A was a weed, it has spread like wildfire. I'll make sure I don't let the flowers set seed then and rip it out. 

    Interesting that B is a Spiraea - I have another one in the garden which my neighbour ID'd for me as 'Golden Flame' but it looks very different to this pink one. 

  • jo47, Spiraea salicifolia, thanks! 

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,360

    I think the little pea is Lathyrus pratensis, Meadow Vetchling.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • C is an oleander

  • Thank you everyone!

  • landgirl100landgirl100 Posts: 655

    Could C be Jasminum beesianum? Looks like 6 petals to me, Oleander only has 5.

  • C is a climber, so I don't think it's an oleander. Jasmine could be right. Thank you!
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