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So pleased



  • We've at least 3 hedgehog families in the garden and several more around the farm.   Because we're in the north where it gets dark later, we often see them around and about say after 9.30pm.     Particularly the young hoglets when they're striking off from their mother.  

    Some years they have a late second litter and then we see them more often.   Really it's far too cold up here for them to survive and so we then tend to catch them and keep them shut in the hay barn and supplementary feed with cat and dog food, mealworm, nuts and sunflower seeds and slugs to try to get them so they'll get sufficient weight on to survive a hibernation.  





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  • HeftyHefty Posts: 370

    jealous much!!! i always thought if i put cat food out it would just attract cats.........

    maybe ill give it another go.......hmmmmmm.......

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