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So pleased

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  • Since we started putting down meelworms for the blackbirds we've had a steady trickle of them coming on to the patio. Last night there were 3 happily munching away by 8.30 all at the same time.  Makes out day too ...

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  • HippynessHippyness Posts: 21

    Hey all ..... we too have seen 2 recently since moving into our new house in October - my husband is now having to be super careful when moving the woodland 'meadow length' grass!!  The one we saw last night was a whopper!  What are the best feeds / food to leave out for them?  I have to be careful as my garden is also used a toilet by my neighbours 8!! cats and I don't want to attract them anymore than they are already!  Does anyone use a hedgehog house etc??? Cheers for any advice!

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 60,525

    'Our' hedgehogs love Spike's Semi moist hedgehog food - available from garden centres and online.  They don't like the totally dried version.  They also like sunflower hearts, dried mealworms, chopped peanuts and banana chips.  They also need a shallow bowl of fresh water - ours drink a lot of water each night.

    We have a wooden hedgehog house and some winters it is used, but they seem just as happy to use upturned orange boxes under a pile of garden rubbish image

    If cats are getting the hedgehog food you can make a feeding station inside a plastic box as shown here

    Lots of helpful information here


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  • Please make sure that any cat food you leave out is meat based and not fish based.

  • star gaze lilystar gaze lily Posts: 13,278

    Hi hollie hock, good to 'see' you image

    I saw a hedgehog in our garden a few weeks ago, first i've seen for a few years. I do leave water out for him/her, but not actually seen the hedgehog for awhileimage

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  • Gillian53Gillian53 Posts: 112

    We haven't had any for years. Now we see between one and five a night. They're loving Spike, raisins sunflower hearts and mealworms (which I find are a lot cheaper in Home Bargains). They do spend a lot of time at the water dish. We have a length of clay pipe into which I put some Spike. Hogs can get in and out easily but the food is well out of reach of any cats.

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