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Anyone used Jeyes Fluid?

I have inherited several lovely outside pots from a friend, but they really need a good clean out! I was going to use just hot soapy water but she suggested buying some Jeyes Fluid to use - I wasn't even sure they still made it! Has anyone else used any recently? & if so , where did they buy it from? Thanks


  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,657

    Hi Millie i use jeyes ready to use spray on my garden to keep the neighbours cats away,its the only thing that's worked so far ,Wilco,s are the cheapest at about £4.75, and B&q £5.85, outside  pots come up ok with Ciff we get most of our outside pots at the local auctions the garden stuff goes for a song .

    Cheers Alan

  • Hi Millie, Jeyes fluid is a very strong type of Bleach ,so if you cant find the former next time you are Aldi or Lidl you can buy their bleach its a lot cheaper.


  • I use Jeyes Fluid to scrub my paved area.  It's  great for getting slippery green stuff off. I did it last autumn as it had been so wet and shady pathways get especially slippy.  Read the instructions carefully and keep away from plants (and probably pets.)  I get mine from a local hardware shop.  I saw it in a garden centre at twice the price, so take care.  wilko's is usually pretty good pricewise

  • Thanks! I've done a bit of investigations & seen all the things it may invest in some! Just found Jeyes Fluid are doing a competition on Facebook so have entered to win a Trug full of it! You never know....I may win some image
  •  Good morning gardeners, I use bleach from Aldi stores,  (very cheap)  someone gave me a quarter off a large chemicle barell, I fill with 5 gallons of water and then add a quarter pint of bleach, I place loads of pots into it and leave to soak for 15 minutes, then take the pots out and repeat untill all pots are done, then you can empty the bleachy water down the drain making sure that there are no solids, put the pots back into the barell and hose them with clean water.  I used jeys fluid for years, but Im affraid they have priced them selves out of the market,( and I dont miss the smell) happy gardening, Walter.


  • I use Jeyes to clean pots also as well as my potato planters. I think its cleaned more as a disinfectant than a bleach but maybe wrong. Personnaly I like the smell and much prefer it to bleach! image

    I agree with post saying it is quite expensive now. Garden centres mark up the price way too hihg but supermarkets aren't too bad.

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