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Aubergines in a greenhouse

I've recently moved to Devon and am lucky enough to have a greenhouse for the first time in my life. thought I'd have a go at growing aubergines. They are doing well with lots of flowers on them. My question is should I restrict the number of flowers on each plant. At the moment I can only see one tiny aubergine. Any advice would be appreciated. I am keeping them well watered and give them a dose of tomato feed each week. Oh and they are in 10" pots.



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    Thank you Cares for the link. I have been misting the aubergine plants but not as regularly as I think I should have. A lot of the flowers have fallen off and no fruit produced. Will keep them requally misted from now on and will report back. Many thanks.

  • Thankfully I now have several aubergines on the three plants in the greenhouse, all are now a reasonable size but have not ripened fully yet. As the nights are getting colder is there any hope they ever will?

  • philippa smith2, Peppers doing well. Chillies have been fantastic. Got 65 in the freezer and still more to come. Hoping for warm and sunny October as well. Let's hope we are lucky.

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    My chillies have done really well too, peppers still mainly green although I've had a couple of yellow one's. 

    The aubergines I sowed didn't do well, only flowered but the two bought plants did ok, one produced the biggest aubergine I've ever seen image

  • Can i interrupt your thread and ask a question? What kids of things are you growing in your greenhouse apart from aubergines? My greenhouse is purely for tomatoes and i grow green beans outside. Would quite like to grow more now i'm recently retired. 

  • c peters, this is the first year I have had a greenhouse so it's still fairly new to me. I have grown tomatoes, peppers, chilli peppers and as an experiment carrots in a pot. It's also been the starting point for seed sewing including runner beans, French beans,  Swiss chard, cos lettuce, crook neck squash and courgettes. Also sewn seeds of cosmos, sweet peas, cornflowers and lavender. Just constructed some raised beds for veg growing next year so I think the greenhouse is going to be full to capacity.

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    I grow toms, chillies, peppers aubergines and small cues. A guy on the neighbouring plot also grows grapes in one of his GH's.

    Like Pepperted I use the GH to keep sown seeds in Spring, before planting out.    

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    Don't talk to me about aubergines!  I have had so many chillies I have had to dry most of them, red peppers, orange peppers, cucumber soup all in the freezer (which is now starting to groan) but aubergines........   I have four plants and three fruit the biggest of which is the size of a golfball. Variety is Black beauty so thought I would have had something by now?

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    This is the first year I've actually been successful with aubergines, although I've tried several times before. I think it's partly because I now have 2 greenhouses so was able to give them a lot more space.

    I also grow tomatoes, peppers and chillies (in one greenhouse) and cucumbers and melons with the aubergines. All really prolific this year except the melons which I started too late. I currently have 4 melons which are only half way to fully grown and are unlikely to ripen at this stage.

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