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Just thought I'd let everyone know about some bargains I managed to grab recently.

Two (two for the price of one) easy-fill hanging baskets for just short of £12 (including delivery) from Blooming Direct.  From the interweb so not recieved them yet, but if they are the real thing I will be a happy bunny.  Going to try one planted up with strawberries and one with trailing cherry tomatoes (just got to order the tomato seeds).

10 strawberry runners FREE.  Well, £4 worth of clubcard vouchers.

One rasberry 'tree', from the description it should fruit this year, the canes are about 6ft tall.  One bramley apple tree.  £3.99 each from Aldi.

Seeds, 39p each, couple of packets of stocks, Californian wonder peppers, marketmore cucumbers (REALLY hope that these are true outdoor cukes, as I only have a PVC growhouse).  These were the only veg seeds left that I was after that were left in stock.  Aldi again

Spring onions, 50p, ASDA.

Think I'm also going to go a bit mad and swop £5 worth of clubcard vouchers for a £15 T&M voucher so I can get the seeds I'm short of (peas, red & yellow tumbling toms, beetroot & resistafly/flyaway carrots, pumpkins).

Now I just need to get OH to drill some holes in a couple of old buckets so I can plant up the trees to protect the roots until I get rid of the brambles over the road, then they can go in with the fruit trees I already have (not so much of a bargain, but still not hugely expensive) from ideal world.

Just thought I'd share.  Daren't go near wilkos though, that would properly bankrupt me!


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    image Mummy. That's why I don't go 'me' shopping often! I'd get carried away. Interested in the Apple tree from Aldi though! image Thanks for sharing!

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  • To swop your points for vouchers, go to the Tesco's website, and log into your clubcard account - if you've not done this before you'll need your clubcard, and the EXACT address that's on your statements (so best to have your latest statement with you when you do it).

    After you've logged in, go to 'rewards' and then 'home & garden'.  There are a lot of garden offers from T&M, like summer bulbs, an annuals collection, strawberries etc.  Hiding towards the bottom is a £15 T&M voucher, that costs £5 in clubcard vouchers.  The most you can spend in one order is £45 worth of redeemed vouchers (ie £15 of clubcard points), so you either need to stump up the delivery fee, or fork out another £15 of 'real' money to get the free delivery as your order would be over £60.

    I've never tried the £15 voucher before, but I've had the 'buy in full' rewards which are always worth having, like an apple tree and some fragrant climbers.

    The rewards seem to change every quarter, around the time the clubcard vouchers come out, so it's worth it to keep checking back & seeing what's on offer.  I sometimes do surveys for clubcard points, and it's a very useful way of racking up points without spending lots in Tesco.  My gardening budget is virtually nil, so I always use things like TopCashBack (gives you a % of whatever you spend on some online sites - T&M being one of them), and I do surveys in return for Amazon vouchers or PayPal, which I then convert into things I want/need, such as some gardening gloves, the next thing on my Amazon list is a compost stirrer.

    I remember a time BK (before Kids) when my vouchers went on make-up and handbags!

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