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Couldn't resist some bulds in B&M at lunchtime.  I honestly think I have a plant buying addiction for which I should seek help!

For my six hard-earned pounds I got:

4 mixed Dahlia bulbs (shoots already appearing)

40 Freesia mixed Doubles

20 Brodiaea Queen Fabiola bulbs

75 (!!) 'White Collection' which contains 20 Liatris Alba, 35 Acidanthera Peacock Orchids and 20 Anemone The Bride


So bargain or bad buy?  I guess time will tell but until then it would be nice to hear what you lot think! image

Anyone got any experience of B&M plants? 

Also, being a newbie, I don't know much about the above, apart from the Dahlia.  I assume (apart from the Dahlia) that they're all hardy perennials? 


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Sounds good to me-dont have a B&M down here but I guess it is like Poundland/99p shop then?

    They are summer flowering bulbs and are hardy some will come back again although have never got freesia to re-flower-but for £6 you have done well-even if they all only flower once

    Do not plant the dahlias outside yetimage

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Sounds pretty good to me - assuming they are all in good condition without mould etc.  Too early for dahlias outdoors, but could plant in biggish pots if you wanted to.  Never had much luck with freesias, but at that price it is well worth a try.  The brodilaea and anemones will almost certaibly come back, and even if the rest don't, still a good buy - enjoy.

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  • I was even more pleased with my bargains when I got them home! Will get the Dahlia bulbs going - do they just go in pots on a sunny windowsill?  No greenhouse yet! 

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    For the dahlias-trays or pots-keep warm and moist-you will be able to take cuttings if you wish-or plant the whole thing out around the beginning of May or so-unless frost is threatened image

  • Thanks! Popped them in pots on the weekend, and they're now on a south-facing windowsill, the warmest place in our house.  On closer inspection, only one had a shoot appearing, the rest were very dry and looked's hard to believe they'll come back to life! 

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